Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Time for Us - Angle Dubeau & La Piet

A Time for Us - Angle Dubeau & La Piet

Track please

A Time For Us (From "Romeo and Juliet", 1996)
The Chairman's Waltz (From "Memoirs of a Geisha", 2005)
Two Socks (From "Dances through Wolves", 1990) (The Wolf Theme) (The John Dunbar Theme)
Love Theme (From "Cinema Paradiso", 1989)
Concerning Hobbits (From "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings", 2001)
My Heart Will Go On(From "Titanic", 1997)
Convento Di Sant'Anna (From "The English Patient",1996)
Suite Far and Away (From "Far and Away", 1992)
Theme (From "Casualties of War", 1989)
Soy Marco (From "Talk to Her (Hable read over carefully Ella)", 2002)
Por una Cabeza; La Cumparsita (From "Parfum de femme", 1997)("Some Like it Hot",1959)
Hana-Bi (From "Hana-Bi", 1997)
Marian and Robin (From "The Adventures of Robin Hood", 1938)
Over the Rainbow (From "The Wizard of Oz", 1939)
Smile (From "Modern Times", 1936)
Princess Mononoke (From "Princess Mononke")
A Fairy Tale (From "L'odysse d'Alice Tremblay")
Cavatina (From "The Deer Hunter")
Schindler's List (From "Schindler's List")
The Mission (From "The Mission")
Infernal Violins
Prt: Portrait
Fairy Tale
Infernal Violins (Violons D'Enfer)
Infernal Violins
Lullabies and Forbidden Games (Berceuses et jeux interdits...)
Let's Dance
Infernal Violins (Violons D'Enfer)
Violins of the World (Violons du people of the world)
Infernal Violins

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