Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Puremagnetik Grainscapes Multiformat

DOWNLOAD: Puremagnetik Grainscapes Multiformat

Puremagnetik Grainscapes Multiformat

Puremagnetik Grainscapes Multiformat | 1.35 GB

Bending metal, shimmering glass, atrocious twisted ambiences, nightmare choirs and more. Grainscapes is perfect for setting a suspenseful thin skin scene or designing walls of layered rigor. Grainscapes includes over 20 multisampled programs tailored as far as concerns instant tweaking and sonic manipulation. Throughout great number weeks of programming, Puremagnetik sound designers employed a nervous Symbolic Sound Kyma System (famous concerning its granular synthesis capabilities) for manipulation of common instrument samples. Grainscapes was created through a process of spectral analysis, granular resynthesis, filtering and jitter/constitute automation.

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