Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clay Class - Prinzhorn Dance School

Clay Class - Prinzhorn Dance School


Genre: Alternative

Years Active: '00s

Brighton, England's Prinzhorn Dance School strips indie move backward and forward down to its sparest, nerviest essential part, combining shouted, slogan-like vocals, clattering rhythms, and the occasional twangy or rumbling guitar in their minimalist, mystical songs. Tobin and Suzy Horn took the part of Dr. Hans Prinzhorn, who collected the knack of his mentally ill patients, to the degree that inspiration for their own work, and began publication and recording songs in an reprobate chapel in Portsmouth. After about a year and a half of songwriting...

Track list

Happy In Bits
Seed Crop Harvest
I Want You
Your Fire Has Gone Out
Crisis Team
The Flora and The Fauna of Britain In Bloom
Turn Up The Light
Sing Orderly
Right Night Kay West
Shake The Jar
Seed, Crop, Harvest
Happy In Bits - Single
Prinzhorn Dance School
You Are the Space Invader - Single
Seed, Crop, Harvest

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